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Transportation To And From Medical Appointments And Treatments


The following discussion concerns various alternatives for transportation to and from medical appointments and treatments.

Public Transportation

It's worth checking with the transit system in your area to find out if there are discounts for people who have a "disability."  Discounts can be 50% or more. If there are such discounts, check the definition of "Disability." There is no standard meaning. In fact, the meaning varies depending on the situation. 

There may also be door-to-door service for people with a "disability" for free or low cost.

For information on the public transit system in your area, see: offsite link. Click on the state in which you live.

If you have difficulty locating information, contact The Eldercare Locator which is run by the US Administration On Aging, offsite link, Tel.: 800.677.1116. The Locator can point you to local contact information.

Transportation To and From A Doctor's Office or For Treatment

If help is needed getting to and from doctor appointments, medical treatments, or other medical needs, consider the following alternatives:

  • Ask the doctor, hospital or treatment center if they can arrange free transportation.
  • If the medical provider does not provide transportation, ask if they can recommend a group that does. For instance:
    • Your local governmental unit (city, county or state) may provide free transportation.
    • There may be a local nonprofit group and/or religious organization.
  • National organizations such as the American Cancer Society (ACS) have a transportation program.  ACS's program is known as Road to Recovery program uses volunteers and local taxi companies to provide free rides for cancer patients to and from treatment. Call: 800.227.2345.
  • Contact The Eldercare Locator which is run by the US Administration On Aging, offsite link, Tel.: 800.677.1116

If all else fails, ask family and friends. If you set up a schedule with a variety of people, no one person has an undue burden. Perhaps a family member or friend can do the scheduling for you. Websites such as LotsAHelpingHands offsite link can help you and your circle of people keep track. 


Check with your doctor or pharmacist to find out whether any of the drugs you take, or any combination of drugs, create a hazard while driving. For instance, whether the drugs make you drowsy, or slow your response time.

We suspect you don't need to be told not to drive while under the influence of any such drugs - but "just in case" we're reminding you. Nobody plans on an accident - that's why they're called accidents.

NOTE: Expenses included in traveling to and from medical appointments and treatment are Medical Expenses for tax purposes. To learn more about medical expense deductions click here.

Free air travel for treatment

There are a variety of sources that provide free air travel for purposes of getting a diagnosis or a treatment. For more information, click here





If you are arguably "disabled," you may be entited to reduced cost or even free transportation. In some areas, transportation may even be provided door-to-door.

If help is needed getting to and from doctor appointments, medical treatments, or other medical needs, there are alternatives available. :

If any of your medications either alone or in combination could impair your driving ability - don't drive!

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