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Information about all aspects of finances affected by a serious health condition. Includes income sources such as work, investments, and private and government disability programs, and expenses such as medical bills, and how to deal with financial problems.
Information about all aspects of health care from choosing a doctor and treatment, staying safe in a hospital, to end of life care. Includes how to obtain, choose and maximize health insurance policies.
Answers to your practical questions such as how to travel safely despite your health condition, how to avoid getting infected by a pet, and what to say or not say to an insurance company.

Colorectal Cancer: Planning Ahead 0-6,6+. recurrence, advanced

If you haven’t before, now is a good time to get your legal affairs in order. In fact, this is also a good time for your entire family to focus on these subjects. Life changing events can happen to any of us at any time. Shifting the focus to the family unit also takes away any fear on their part that you are taking these steps because of bad news about your health that you are not sharing.

At the least, execute documents known as Advance Directives which let you stay in control of the medical care you do or do not want if you become unable to speak for yourself or become unconscious. The documents are free, easy to obtain and complete, and do not require a lawyer.

If you have children, make plans in case you are temporarily or permanently unable to care for them. See: Children 101

If you have pets, make provisions for them as well. See: Pets 101.

Consider creating something like an Ethical Will which tells your children what you learned during your lifetime and passes on the family history and whatever else you want to pass on. An Ethical Will can be in any form you desire. For instance, a writing, or perhaps a video or photo scrap book of your times together.

Keep control of what happens to your assets if you die by at least having a will. Wills also help prevent family fights. Wills are not expensive and may even be free. If you have a substantial estate, speak with a tax lawyer or accountant to figure out how to pass your assets as your desire with the least tax consequences.

Thinking about, and talking about, funeral plans will save unnecessary stress and a good deal of money. It is preferable to plan, but not pay in advance, for a funeral and memorial service.

Executing the documents discussed above, and taking steps such as funeral planning, do not make events happen.

NOTE:  Check all documents, securities accounts and banks accounts with beneficiaries on them to be sure:

  • The beneficiary you want is listed. 
  • If there is more than one beneficiary, the split between them is clear.